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Our team of engineers are experts in the servicing and validation  of medical equipment. This includes autoclaves, washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors. BEES are specialists in this sector with over 20 years’ experience operating on a national and international basis.




Specialist in the repair,
service and validation of
decontamination equipment

In a medical or scientific setting, infection and contamination control is closely monitored. Decontamination equipment must be tested and evaluated to ensure it continues performing to the required legal, regulatory and safety standards.

The process of validation will provide the necessary evidence that your autoclaves, washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors continue to meet the needs of users. Tests and inspections are undertaken on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis by our qualified engineers. Once we have validated your equipment, you will receive signed documentation completed in line with current guidance.

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Servicing and Repair

Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure your medical or scientific equipment continues to operate efficiently. We offer a range of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) packages to give you the flexibility of quarterly, 6 monthly and annual service options. Our specialist engineers are trained and qualified to work on a wide range of equipment.

Operating under a PPM service agreement will mean you benefit from a reduced risk of equipment downtime. Potential faults are identified early before they become an issue for your team. It can also extend the lifecycle of your machines as we ensure they are working at optimum efficiency.

When your equipment does break down, we recognise the need to fix it as quickly as possible. For our customers, we offer free telephone support and guarantee a site visit within 48 hours for any on-site technical assistance or parts replacement. Engineers will carry the most frequently used parts in their vans. The good working relationships we have built through our Sales & Distribution Department will ensure any parts you need can be sourced.



In addition to repair, service and validation, there are several other services we offer.

  • Insurance inspections
    Independent medical and scientific equipment inspections to provide you with an objective review of safety and performance. Problems can be identified so you can plan for any repairs. This will be a requirement for insurance providers at their choice of interval.
  • Steam and water testing
    It is important to test the quality of clean steam used in autoclaves, as this can greatly affect the sterilisation process, reduce efficiencies and damage the equipment. The purity of steam delivered to autoclaves and process water analysis used in washer disinfectors & endoscope reprocessors is of utmost importance to guarantee patient safety.
  • System upgrades
    Expert engineers who can upgrade a wide range of electrical and mechanical systems. This includes all hardware and software from a simple component replacement to a full-scale refurbishment.
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