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Complete design services for new and existing automated system modifications.





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Complete design services for new and existing automated system modifications. Working closely with our customers to understand your requirements and define the functional design specification (FDS). An important document that is used in the pre-development phase and as a guide during the production process.

Expert design and software engineers specialising in automated control systems. Capable of creating straightforward individual systems as well as integrated complex solutions. We are focused on engineering electrical and mechanical systems that provide you with a cost-effective quality product. 

CAD software is an integral part of our design process. Capable of creating detailed schematics, panel layout drawings and to explore the internal workings to identify the right components. An important asset and needed to assess the effectiveness of your design. This is used in pre-production to test for any issues and resolve them, enabling revisions to be made to save you time and money.

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BEES is split across four main departments;Design & Innovation, Control & Automation, Medical & Scientific and Sales & Distribution offering a complete package all under one roof. Get in touch to discuss your requirements

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Our skilled software engineers can programme your control panels to be fully automated. Working on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) platforms they build the solutions you need. Providing intelligent software to optimise machine function to deliver greater efficiencies and cost-savings to your business.

With over 20 years’ experience, we are specialists in creating and working from an FDS. Building programmes that link several systems together with communication portals. This allows for full system integration through the deployment of carefully written software.

Liaising with our Control & Automation department, the hardware and software designs are used to build a prototype. This will deliver a working machine that will undergo a series of tests. It must meet the requirements you have specified in the FDS as well as the British and European product safety standards.

Once your machine is fully tested and compliant it is signed-off. Customers come to us with an idea which we turn into reality which is why our engineers provide you with detailed and expert training. Any equipment we develop will be compliant with machine safety regulations and released with a full set of system documentation as well as a detailed list of spares and parts. Everything you need to operate, service and maintain your new equipment.

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